Date: January 9th @ 7:00 p.m.

Location: Portland Playhouse (Click HERE for directions)

Cast: There are 9 principle roles in this show with a flexible number of background characters to add to the fun! Below is the list of characters with brief descriptions. Written gender is listed next to each character, but all character genders can easily be changed.

Ellen (F)—co-owner and chef extraordinaire of The Golden Carrousel

Cal (M)—co-owner and supple head waiter of The Golden Carrusel, Ellen’s spouse

Hannah Galt (F)—beautifully dressed and hungry

Paul Galt (M)—beautifully dressed and hungrier

Elizabeth Barrow Colt (F)—exceedingly shy and nearsighted writer, afraid of food

Herrick Simmons (F)—enthusiastic and a good eater

Nessa Vox (F)—easily upset and a more neurotic eater

Tony Stassio (F)—perpetually on a diet and miserable

David Osslow (M)—head of his own publishing company, successful, at ease, son and husband of good cooks

Auditioners are asked to prepare a monologue from the list of excerpts posted HERE. We encourage you to choose the monologue associated with the main character you wish to audition for. Monologues do not have to be memorized, but should be prepared and contain some characterization. Participants will then be asked to cold read a variety of passages from the play prepared ahead of time by the directing crew.

Cast decisions will be announced by Thursday, January 12th at the latest.

Performance dates are March 17, 18, 24, 25, and 26.

We hope to see you there!