Have you heard?   Its finally happening.   The wait is over.  The Portland Civic Players are going to do it.
THE PCP is  excited to announce that after 20 years we are bringing back the hit play “Noises Off” for another run at the Portland Playhouse this November.   Performances will be at 8 o’clock the Friday and Saturday the 9th, 10th, 16th, and 17th……with matinees at three o’clock on Sunday the 11th and 18th.   MARK YOU CALENDARS NOW!!!
Noises Off is an hilarious play that received rave reviews in its first run here and is one of,  if not the funniest plays we have ever done.  It is a play about a play and all of the pitfalls and problems that occur during its production. Anyone who has ever been in a play,  been to a play, or even wanted to be in a play will find it irresistible.   If you want funny this play is for you. The cast includes  Chris Klaver, Al Lazette (who are thankfully reprising their roles of 20 years ago.  They are both outstanding)  Rory Miller, Dan Schrauben, Josh Arleth, Deb Hattis, Becki Kreiger, Nita Massey and Kelly Sandborn  (are the wonderful newcomers who round out the cast) .  The play is being directed by Roger Miller, who also directed the original production.  Dr. Miller is excited for the opportunity to bring this amazing show back to the PCP stage.   He tells us that of the over 50 productions he has been involved with, this is his favorite. ‘I think it is the very best that we have done.’
We have been talking about doing this play for a long time and have finally decided the time was right.  It is a huge undertaking and is very demanding for all of the actors and set builders and designers alike.  For nearly a third of the play their are 2 plays going on at the same time.  Sound confusing?  Its not its just plain funny.   For those of you who were lucky enough to see the previous performances, you will remember that the a huge part of the play is the REVOLVING SET, a difficult feat on our small stage.   But in ACT II of the play, we get to see what happens back stage during a performance. Did you ever wonder about that?  Well this is your chance to see, to see all of the hi-jinx, the backstabbing, the chaos and turmoil and oh yes the fun that has always been hidden from the audience……until now.  Now you will be able to experience it all..  Many theatre patrons told us that just seeing this and the set and how it worked was worth the price of admission.  The mind boggling original set was designed by designer and builder extraordinaire, the  late Dave Whitaker.  Dave always considered this set to be the crowning achievement of his career.  Those of us who were involved and who saw him work his magic certainly agree. But this was one of the things that scared us a bit about redoing the play, even after so long of a time span.  The set is intimidating.   Thankfully we were able to get pictures of the set from Dave’s wife Brenda and convince Tim Perry to head up our construction crew.  Quickly coming on board were  Lanny Reed, Larry Leik and Ray Hoskins who helped create the original set with Dave.  And as you are reading this they are hard at work.    Our set decoration is being headed up by the amazing Shelly Perry and this promises to be a set no one will soon forget.  We owe all of them a deep debt of gratitude to making this exciting revival possible.  I can honestly sat that without them this show would be impossible.  So when you see the play and the set please remember to thank them for a job so very well done.  It is going to be a great experience for cast, crew and audience.
Don’t miss this opportunity.
Come and join us this November.  I can personally guarantee that you will have a good time at this show.. see what all of the buzz is about…..Bring your family, bring your friends… no one should be left out from this experience…come and see “NOISES OFF”!!!!!!!!

By: Roger Miller, Director