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  1. When is your next production -Noises Off? What is it about?

    • Hi Debbie, Noises Off will be performed mid-November. Tryouts are the first Tuesday after Labor Day.

      Noises Off is a 1982 play by English playwright Michael Frayn. The idea for the play was born in 1970, when Frayn was standing in the wings watching a performance of Chinamen, a farce that he had written for Lynn Redgrave. According to the playwright, “It was funnier from behind than in front and I thought that one day I must write a farce from behind.”
      (see for more info)

  2. Good Morning Shelly,
    I have received an email via the Portland Chamber of Commerce with a request (see the following). Knowing that your group would more than likely understand their need I thought that perhaps I would expand this request and out reach to the Theater Group. If you can assist in any way shape or form please let me know .Thank You Janice
    ” My name is Melissa Anschutz and I’m an associate producer on a film titled “Ashes Of Eden”, Our film is going to be shooting in Portland, with a start date of Oct. 29. We are bringing in some name talents, from LA, NYC, and Texas, this will be ‘key’ in getting worldwide distribution. However that being said we are on a tight, strict, budget and housing the cast and crew has become my nemesis….I have gotten a hotel to offer of great rate at $30.0 per night, but even that is quite honestly to high with the amount of people we need to house. I was invited to the business Chamber meeting in Portland yesterday, and they felt strongly that I would have far more success contacting you to see if you knew of any homes for rent? Furnished homes for rent, ideally in Portland, but even the surrounding areas would certainly work for our needs, 21 people for 21 nights, with 12 of that 21 able to sleep in the same bedroom. We’d look at splitting up, condos, apartments etc. If you can help in any way I’d certainly appreciate it very much!

    With Kind Thanks!!


  3. Why not set ticket prices for senior citizens at the same price as students ?

  4. Is there any new info on what the next production will be, who can audition and who’s directing this spring? I know were still looking for a director as of a few days ago, but any updates would be much appreciated, thank you

  5. I just reserved 2 tickets for the play. How does this work when it comes time for the play? Do I pick up the tickets before hand?

    • You can pick your tickets up at the box office on the night of the show. Or you can stop in on Thursday night between 7 and 8 and pick them up in advance

  6. I reserved seats for the 13th. So how do I know where I am sitting and ho we do I get my tickets?

    • You can pick your tickets up at the box office in the evening or the night of the show. Your ticket will be assigned a seat unless you left Specific Instructions as to where you would like to sit. Thanks for asking, sorry for any confusion.

  7. When we go through the system to get tickets there are no instructions on where we are seated, or how to get the actual tickets.

    Do we just sit anywhere when we come? And…The receipt is our “ticket”?

    • The tickets are held in the box office for you to pick up. They are assigned a seat unless you gave specific directions as to where he would like to sit. Thank you for asking, sorry for the confusion.

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