Youth Summer Theater

Program Information

WHO: Students entering grades 4-12. No theater experience required!

WHAT: Summer Theater is a unique six-week program that offers students a fun way to gain theater experience. The program integrates theater games, exercises, and improvisation into a rehearsal process culminating in three full-length plays.

WHERE: The Portland Playhouse (231 Maple St. Portland, MI 48875)

WHEN: June 19th – July 30th, 2017 (Monday-Friday with weekend performances)

HOW: Complete the attached application and Parent/Participant agreement and mail them, along with the non-refundable registration fee of $150 for the first registered child, $100 for every sibling registered after. (Checks made payable to Portland Civic Players) – includes PCP Youth Membership, tee shirt, participation in 4th of July Parade, and participate in a live theater production.

Portland Civic Players Summer Theater

P.O. Box 344, Portland, MI 48875

We at the Portland Civic Players are passionate about making sure every young person has access to the arts. There are a limited number of need-based financial assistance packages available. If interested, please contact Mary Teachout (

DEADLINE: Applications should be sent by Friday, June 9th. Spaces are limited, and students will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. All applicants beyond the available spots will be added to a waiting list. v If your participant will be absent from the program for more than one cumulative week, we ask that they do not participate.

Past Summer Theater Shows:


Mankind and Company

The Snow White Variety Show

Peter Pan

Directors: Sara Pohl, Rachel Miller, Devann Hattis






Shakespeare Goes to Gravel Gulch Grades 4-6, Directed by Sara Pohl

The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon Grades 7-9, Directed by Amber Gensterblum
The Next Demention Grades 10-12, Written and Directed by Joe Christian


Oliver Twist Directed by Teesie Jandernoa
Improv Troupes Coached by Teesie Jandernoa

Newsies Adapted and Directed by Joe Christian

Better Football Through High School Chemistry Directed by Paul Guild

Hooray for Hollywood  Directed by Paul Guild
The Gift  Written and Directed by Joe Christian
The Prince and the Pauper  Directed by Tommy Jandernoa


Romeo and Winifred  Directed by Teesie Jandernoa

Hankerin’ Hillbillies  Directed by Catherine Jandernoa

Shadow Kingdom  Written and Directed by Joe Christian

The Rise and Fall of Empire  Written and Directed by John Chamberlain


Nerdman  Directed by Teesie Jandernoa

The Wizard of Oz  Directed by Laura Russman

Kodiak Flapjack  Directed by Tommy Jandernoa

Dr. Thunder and the Strands of Time  Written and Directed by Joe Christian


Tom Sawyer  Directed by Brian Massey

Robin Hood  Directed by Elizabeth Christian

Alice in Wonderland  Directed by Laura Russman

Ninjutsu Robotica  Written and Directed by Joe Christian


Lagooned!  Directed by Kelly Gordon

How the West Was Dun  Directed by Brian Massey

Madhouse Mansion  Written and Directed by Joe Christian


Who Killed Elvis?  Directed by Renee Hornby

Blather, Blarney, and Balderdash  Directed by Kelly Gordon

The Saga of the Golden Horseshoe  Directed by Rory Miller


The Hobbit  Directed by Sara Pohl (Bever)

The Aliens are Coming  Directed by Dan Thelen

Charlotte’s Web  Adapted and Directed by Rachel Miller


The Secret Garden  Directed by Sara Pohl (Bever)

Narnia  Directed by Molly Moore


Snake in the Grass  Directed by Sara Bever

Sherlock Holmes  Directed by Rory Miller

Treasure Island  Directed by Kate Burgeron


The Princess Bride  Directed by Rachel Miller

William’s Window  Directed by Sara Bever

Scheherazade  Directed by Rory Miller


The Wizard of Oz  Adapted and Directed by Rachel Miller

Shakespeare Comes to Calamity Creek  Directed by Sara Bever


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory  Directed by Rachel Miller

Anne of Green Gables  Directed by Sara Bever


Peter Pan  Adapted and Directed by Rachel Miller

The Mouse that Roared  Directed by Sara Bever


Little Women  Adapted and Directed by Rachel Miller

Ring Around the Moon  Directed by Sara Bever


A Midsummer Night’s Dream  Directed by Jeff Miller

Mankind and Company  Directed by Sara Bever


The Pale Pink Dragon  Directed by Jeff Miller

Melodrama  Directed by Sara Bever


The Bell of Bisbee

The 12 Dancing Princesses

The Wind in the Willows


Tom Sawyer

Heart of Ice


James and the Giant Peach

Winnie the Pooh


The Ransom of Red Chief

The Wizard of Oz


A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

Alice in Wonderland


The Plain Princess

Nichalo and Nichalette


Alice in Wonderland Directed by Nancy Patterson and Jeff Miller


Any Dream Will Do (Original) Directed by Nancy Patterson and Jeff Miller


12 Dancing Princesses

Lemonade Joe Rides Again

Over 45 years of summer fun!
PCP’s Youth Summer Theater is a unique six-week program for students entering grades 4-12 wherein they gain theater experience, both onstage and off, all while having