Shrek: The Musical

Tickets (on sale starting October 10th)

Students (through high school): $10.50

Adults: $16.50


Shrek – Matt Thelen

Donkey – Antonius Watkins

Fiona – Mary Green

Lord Farquuad – Aaron Swan

Dragon – Tiffany Barron

Muffin Man/Gingy – Madison Sharp

Pinnocchio – Iggy Arleth

Big Bad Wolf/King Harold– Dan Braker

Fairy Godmother/Queen Lillian – Emily Perry

Peter Pan – Josephine Polasek

Three Little Pigs – Maleah Maresh (2), Laura Johnson (1), Autumn Simons (3)

Wicked Witch – Cassandra Jasma

Sugar Plum Fairy – Amber Miller

Ugly Duckling– Kelly Frazee

Three Bears/Ogre Family – Jonathan Bair, Christ Horvath, Keira Cymbal and Zoe Isbell

Mad Hatter – Matt Doth

Elf – Evie Johnston

White Rabbit – Sarah Jandernoa

Pied Piper – Jazmyn Hard

3 Blind Mice – Autumn Simons, Jazmyn Hard, Amber Miller

Dwarf – Audrey Frazee

Happy VillagersPam Robinson, Leon Miller, Madi Crowley, Josie Isbell,  Audrey Frazee, Erin Hoard

GuardsPam Robinson, Leon Miller, Madi Crowley, Erin Hoard

Captain of the Guard/Thelonius – Tyler Tichvon

Duloc greeter – Audrey Frazee

Dragon’s Knights – Pam Robinson (1), Leon Miller (2), Madi Crowly(3), Josie Isbell(4) 

Teen Fiona – Josie Isbell 

Young Fiona – Rosie Johnston

Rats/Duloc Dancers – Heather’s Dance Studio, St. Johns

Bishop – Pam Robinson

Blue Bird – Lynette


Director – Mary Teachout

Assistant Director – Erin Hoard

Stage Manager – Laurie Reeves

Music Director – Jessical Cymbal

Costumes – Shelly Pung

Make Up/Special Effects Make Up – Lynette King

Choreographer – Heather Reed

Sound – Jeremy Hoard

Lights – Garrett Ramsey

Projections – Maple Badgero

Box Office – Laurie Thelen

Performance Dates

(Coming Soon)


Portland Community Theater
231 Maple Street
Portland, MI 48875