PCP Production Archives

2019 Fall  Tentative – “White Christmas”  (Directed by M. Teachout, S. Miller)

2019  “Baskerville – Sherlock Holmes”  (Directed by Roger Miller, S. Perry)

2018  “Beauty & the Beast”  (Directed by Mary Teachout, Sara Pohl)

2018 “Escanaba in the Moonlight”  (Directed by Roger Miller, Shelley Perry)

2017  “It’s a Wonderful Life – The Musical”  (Directed by Sherry Miller, Tom Little)

2017  “The Games Afoot” (Directed by Clay Ramsey)

2016  “The Little Mermaid”  (Directed by Mary Teachout and Mattie Timmer)

2016  “Soap Dish”  (Directed by Clay Ramsey, Roger Miller)

2015 – 60th Anniversary  “Oliver” (Directed by Mattie Timmer)

2015  “Sunshine Boys”  (Directed by Ruth Anne Peake, Roger Miller)

2014  “Bye Bye Birdie”  (Directed by Mary Teachout)

2014  “Harvey”  (Directed by Roger Miller, Rory Miller)

2013  “Annie”

2013 “The Odd Couple”

2013 “A Christmas Carol – Radio Version” (Directed by Al Lazet)

2012  “Noises Off” (Directed by Roger Miller)

2012  “And the Award Goes To . . .” A Musical Review of Academy Award Winning Songs”  (Directed by Mary Teachout and Mattie Timmer)

2011   “Little Shop of Horrors” (Directed by Roger and Rory Miller)

2011   Send Me No Flowers (Directed by Ruth Ann Peak and Roger Miller)

2010   Junie B. Jones (Directed by Mary Teachout and Mattie Timmer)

            Leading Ladies (Directed by Ruth Ann Peak)

2009   The Foreigner (Directed by Roger Miller, Asst. Directed by Jill Manning)

Broadway Showstoppers (Original Musical Production directed by

                                                           Anne Eddy and Mary Teachout)

2008   Cinderella (Musical directed by Anne Eddy and Mary Teachout)

2007   Hometown Christmas

2006  Bell, Book and Candle (Directed by Roger Miller)

2006   ‘Allo, ‘Allo (Written and Directed by Roger Miler)

2005  Fiddler on the Roof (Musical)

2005   50 Years of Musical Memories (Original Musical Production)

2005  Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat (Musical)

2004   Music Man (Musical)

Dearly Departed

2003   Wait Until Dark

Saving Grace

2002   Don’t Dress for Dinner

2001   Girls in 509

Grand Night for Singing (Original Musical Production)

Tell Me Where it Hurts (Original Production)

1999   Mousetrap

Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat (Musical)

1998   Arsenic and Old Lace

Moon Over Buffalo

1997   Diary of Anne Frank

Pirates of Penzance (Musical)

1996   Celebration on the Grand (Original Musical Production)

Lend Me a Tenor

The Magic of Christmas (Original Musical Production)

1995   Sound of Music (Musical)

1994   Charley’s Aunt

Lost in Yonkers

1993   Rumors

Annie (Musical)

1992   Noises Off

Evening with Andrew Loyd Weber (Original Musical Production)

Steel Magnolias

1991   South Pacific (Musical)

Christmas Variety Show (Original Musical Production)

Bull in a China Shop

1990   Habits of Innocence (Original Production)

I Remember Mama

1989   Blithe Spirit

The King and I (Musical)

Christmas Variety Show (Original Musical Production)

1988   Brigadoon (Musical)

Odd Couple

1987   Alas, Poor Yoric (Original Production)

Season’s Greetings

1986   The Importance of Being Earnest

Cinderella (Musical)

1985   On Golden Pond

Musical Memories on Parade (Original Musical Production)

Camelot (Musical)

1984   See How they Run

The Fourposter

Witness for the Prosecution

1983   Man for all Seasons

Mame (Musical)

1982   No Sex Please. We’re British!

Fiddler on the Roof (Musical)

1981   Dracula

Two by Two (Musical)

1980   My Fair Lady (Musical)

Sunshine Boys

1979   Lily, the Felon’s Daughter

Vaudeville VIII (Original Production)

Guys and Dolls (Musical)

The Miracle Worker

My Three Angels

1978   Come Blow Your Horn

Vaudeville VII (Original Production)

1977   Flowers for Algernon

Vaudeville VI (Original Production)

God’s Favorite

1976   Exit the Body

Vaudeville V – Bicentennial Show (Original Production)

Oklahoma! (Musical)

1975   How the Other Half Loves

Vaudeville IV (Original Production)

Desperate Hours

1974   Diary of Anne Frank

Vaudeville III (Original Production)

Take Me Along (Musical)

1973   Music Man (Musical)

Vaudeville II (Original Production)

Poole’s Paradise

1972   On a Clear Day (Musical)

Vaudeville I (Original Production)

Catch Me if You Can

1971   Don’t Drink the Water

Star Spangled Girl

Girls in 509

Purchase of Sun Theatre

1970   The Odd Couple

1969   Brigadoon

Barefoot in the Park

Centennial Medicine Wagon (Original Production)

Wait Until Dark

1968   U.T.B.U.

No, No, A Million Times, NO! (Musical)

1967   Never Too Late

Anything Goes (Musical)

1966   The Man in the Dog Suit

A Christmas Carol (Musical)

1965   George Washington Slept Here

Bell, Book, and Candle

1964   Everybody Loves Opal

Finian’s Rainbow (Musical)

1963   Life with Father

Charley’s Aunt

No, No, A Million Times, NO! (Musical)

1962   The Southwest Corner

My Sister Eileen

1961   See How They Run

The Merry Widow (Musical)

Sorry, Wrong Number

1960   The Velvet Glove

Ten Little Indians

Seven League Boots

1959   The Man who Came to Dinner


1958   Pure as the Driven Snow

Arsenic and Old Lace

1957   Time Out for Ginger

Love Your Neighbor

1956   Two Blind Mice

Golden River (Musical)

1955   My Three Angels