Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof, a musical with a score by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, and a libretto by Joseph Stein, first opened on Broadway in 1964. The play is based on an amalgam of stories written by Solomon NaumovichRabinovich under the pen name Sholem Aleichem, which is Hebrew for “peace be unto you.” The musical takes place on a fictional Russian shtetl, or Jewish village, called Anatevka during the reign of Tsar Nicholas II. Tevye, a poor dairy farmer, has raised his five daughters with his wife, Golde, according to Jewish tradition. But one by one, his three oldest daughters resist tradition by marrying the men they choose rather than those designated by a matchmaker, and Tevye accepts the bending of tradition insofar as it does not violate Jewish law. But the Tsar’s increasing persecution of Russian Jews leads to the violent disruption of the villagers’ lives, culminating in the forced removal of the Jewish people from the town. Although they lose their homes and land, Tevye and his fellow villagers persist, preparing to restart their lives in new places.


Tevye and His Family

Tevye: Marty Kozachik
Golde: Ruth Ann Peake
Tzeitel: Maureen Eddy
Hodel: Judy Fedewa
Chava: Diane Potter
Sprintzee: Darcy Schneider
Bielke: Megan Cook

The Suiters

Lazar Wolf (The Butcher): David Peak
Motel Kamzoil (The Tailor): Ron McDermed
Perchik (The Student): Jerry  Tiemann
Fyedka (The Russian): Mark Mauren
Yente, The Matchmaker: Sydell Teachout

The Good People of the Village

Rabbi: Lou Baudone
Constable: Pete Potter
Shaindel: Molly Seekamp
Mendel: Dave VanAmburg
Fruma Sarah: Laurita Showerman
Innkeeper: Rick Guilford
Avrahm: Steve May
Sasha: Dan Pung
Begger: David Reed
Grandma Tzeitel: Marie Cook
Fiddler: Eileen Kozachik


Mary Fitzpatrick, Mary Rose Leik, Andrea Guilford, Lee Ann Sandborn, Marilyn Shaw, Deb Schneider, John Menold, Ron Cook, Travis Whitaker, Rick Luna, and Cindy Reed


Set Construction: David Whitaker, Lanny Reed, Terry Baker
Set Decoration: Deb Schneider, Michelle Reed, Cindy Reed, Michael Reed, Pat Fedewa, Olive Fitzpatrick, Lou Baudone
Costumes: Olive Fitzpatrick, Cindy Reed, Margaret Leik, Catherine Kelly
Make Up: Nancy Patterson, LeeAnn Baker, Shirley Teachout, Bob Walter, Darlene Patterson, Olive Fitzpatrick, Rose Mary Leik
Light Technicians: Brenda Whitaker, Anthony Fitzpatrick, Mike Leyrer, Dave Whitaker, Caroline Tiemann


Clarinet: Terry Struble
Percussion: Troy Scott and Missy Brown
Violin: Verdier Joslin
Trumpet: Renee Hatch
Trombone: Jenny Hamblin
Flute: Terry Howell
Bass: Michelle Stiffler

Production Team

Director and Producer: Anne Eddy
Music Director: Karlene Astalos
Properties: Willa Utterback
Costume Lead: Rose Mary Leik
Make Up Lead: John Menold
Box Office: Olive Fitzpatrick, Snooks Rich
Posters: Marie Cook
Programs: Ruth Ann Peake
Program Cover: Marie Cook
Publicity: Ruth Ann Peake, Pauline Jordan
Membership Table: Pauline Jordan
Light Design: Joe Rich

Performance Dates
(November 1982)

Friday, Nov. 5
Saturday, Nov. 6
Sunday, Nov. 7

Friday, Nov. 11
Saturday, Nov. 12
Sunday, Nov. 13


Portland Community Theater
231 Maple Street
Portland, MI 48875