Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery features five actors playing over 35 characters. That means costume designer, Denise Showerman, had her hand’s full organizing a lot of costume changes!

Pam Robinson, Deb Hattis, Kelly Sandborn, Tiffany Barron, Lydia Wilson, Denise Showerman
Our amazing backstage assistants! We appreciate their hard work, time, and dedication.

How do you keep all of the costume pieces straight? We’re already tired (and excited!) just thinking about it.
Denise Showerman (DS): Attention to detail is key and lots of pre-production reading of the script.

Can you tell us your secret to making sure the costume changes happen in time?
DS:  Practice, practice, practice and a dedicated team of dressers working backstage make the process as smooth as possible for a great experience for the audience.

What design can you not wait to see come to life?
DS:  The iconic Sherlock Holmes of course. 

Did you have to go in search of any special materials to create the costumes?
DS:  The hats were really the main items that required special materials. The clothing was fairly straight forward.

If you had to pick one costume to wear to a costume party, which would you choose?
DS: Stapleton, who wouldn’t want to hop around with a butterfly net?

What character has been the most fun to work on?
DS:  Sir Henry, without a doubt. 

Do you have any costume tips or tricks to share?
DS: Use your imagination. Inspiration comes when you least expect it.